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Genetec Patroller™ Release Notes 6.7.0

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Genetec Patroller™ 6.7.0 includes important new features as well as updates for bug fixes and security-related issues.

Patroller compatibility

Patroller 6.7.0 is compatible with Security Center versions 5.9 to For more information, see Product compatibility for AutoVu Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR).

Send specific live events to Security Center

In Patroller Config Tool, you can now select which live events you want to send to Security Center. For example, you might choose to send only certain types of hits to use less bandwidth.

Send hits with the following status:
Enforced hits
The user acknowledged that the license plate image matches the hit information and tapped Enforce.
Not enforced hits
The user acknowledged that the license plate image matches the hit information but tapped Do not enforce.
Rejected hits
The user acknowledged that the license plate image did not match the hit information by tapping Reject.
Send all license plate reads.
Unit position
Send the live position of the patrol vehicle to Security Center.

Shortcut keys

If the in-vehicle computer includes a keyboard, patrol vehicle operators can now perform some of the actions in Patroller using keyboard shortcuts. For more information, see Shortcut keys in Patroller.

Mute hotlist notifications

From the hotlist selection window, patrol vehicle operators can now mute notifications from specific hotlists. For example, an operator could choose to only receive notifications from their hotlist that includes stolen vehicles. For more information, see Muting hotlist hits in Patroller.
NOTE: Every time the Patroller application is started, all hotlists are unmuted.

Zone and permit sorting

When selecting zones and permits in Patroller, you can now search for specific entries and sort the columns alphanumerically.

New Wanted in Curb Sense

The New wanted feature, which lets patrol vehicle operators add license plates to Patroller's local database, is now available for Patroller systems that are configured for use with Curb Sense™.

NOTE: New wanted license plates are not part of any hotlist files and are not pushed to any other patrol vehicles or to Security Center.

Support for Microsoft® Windows 11

You can now install Patroller on a computer running the Windows 11 operating system. For more information, see Patroller 6.7 computer software requirements for SharpZ3.

Support for the Panasonic Toughbook G2

The Panasonic Toughbook G2 is now certified for use with Patroller.
NOTE: If you do not use a Panasonic Toughpad G1 or Toughbook G2 as the system's in-vehicle computer, then make sure that your computer meets the hardware requirements for your Patroller system. For more information, see Patroller 6.7 computer hardware requirements for SharpZ3.

Third-party software updates

Updated versions of the following software are installed with Patroller 6.7.

  • SQL Server Express 2022
  • .NET Framework 4.8

Updated BeNomad SDK

The BeNomad SDK has been updated to resolve security issues.