Enabling a hub on the Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol extension - Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol 5.0.0

Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol Extension Guide 5.0.0

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Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol 5.0.0
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Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol

To connect a Genetec™ Intrusion Bridge to the Intrusion Manager role inSecurity Center, you must enable a hub on the Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol extension.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Intrusion detection task.
  2. Click the Extensions tab and select GIP.
    Genetec™ Intrusion Bridge page of the Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol extension
  3. In the Hub section, configure the following:
    Enable hub
    When the slider is set to ON, the extension listens for incoming connections from the Genetec™ Intrusion Bridge.
    Hub port
    The port that the extension uses to listen for incoming connections. The default port is 2624. You will receive a warning if an invalid port is entered in this field.
    WARNING: Do not use a port that is already in use.
    Connection acceptance
    Allows you to choose how connections to the hub are accepted. If you select Automatic, new connections will automatically be accepted and the units of the Genetec™ Intrusion Bridge will be enrolled under the intrusion manager automatically. If you select Manual, you will receive a notification in your tray.

    Confirmation page for a connection to a Genetec™ Intrusion Bridge

    To accept the connection, select the new bridge in your Security Center tray and click .

    App key
    Enter an app key for the hub.
  4. Click Apply.