Enrolling an intrusion panel - Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol 5.0.0

Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol Extension Guide 5.0.0

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Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol 5.0.0
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Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol

To monitor, control, and report on an intrusion panel, it must be enrolled in Security Center.

Before you begin

What you should know

If your panel manufacturer does not use encryption in their communication protocol, your panels must be hosted on an isolated private network to prevent attackers from intercepting data related to the panel.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Intrusion detection task.
  2. Select the Intrusion Manager role, click the Genetec™ Intrusion Bridge tab and select the bridge that you want the unit to connect to.
    Genetec™ Intrusion Bridge page in the Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol extension
  3. Click the Enroll unit button.
  4. In the Enroll unit dialog box, configure the following:
    From the list, select the type of unit that you want to enroll.
    IP address
    The host address of the panel.
    The port number that is configured on the panel for communicating with Security Center.
    Unit name
    The name that you want to apply to the unit.
    Provides the option to enroll a unit that is disconnected from the network.
    Provides the option to import users.
    IMPORTANT: If the option to import users is not selected, all users are deleted from the panel.
    The passcode configured on the panel.
    NOTE: This field is only used when enrolling Bosch panels.
    Enroll unit dialog box for the Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol extension
  5. Click Enroll.