Limitations in the Bosch intrusion panel driver 5.0.0 - Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol 5.0.0

Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol Extension Guide 5.0.0

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Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol 5.0.0
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Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol

The Bosch intrusion panel driver 5.0.0 includes the following known limitations.

Issue Description
2432028 Bosch entities do not support names that are longer than 32 characters. Setting a name that is longer than that will result in the name being shortened.
1285216 The only card types that can be synchronized with Bosch intrusion panels are Wiegand 26 bits, Wiegand 37 bits no facility code (H10302), and Wiegand 37 bits with facility code (H10304).
1285213 In Bosch RPS, if a passcode length is configured for an intrusion panel, the length of the PIN credential of the cardholders mapped to users on that panel must match.

If no passcode length is configured on the panel, the length of the PIN must be 3 to 6 digits long.

1285209 For cardholders to be pushed to a Bosch panel that is using a firmware older than 3.10, they must each have at least one PIN credential configured in Security Center. If the PIN of a cardholder that was already pushed to the panel is removed or disabled in Security Center, that cardholder is deleted from the panel the next time a sync occurs.
1285205 In Bosch RPS, a user must have at least one authority level above zero to be considered active. Users with no authority levels above zero are considered disabled and cannot be retrieved from the panel and mapped in Security Center.
1285204 A user cannot share the same passcode as another user or use another user's duress code as a passcode.
NOTE: Each passcode has four duress codes. For example, the duress codes of the passcode 5678 are 5676, 5677, 5679, and 5670.
1184480 In Security Center, you can assign the passcode used by the Installer to another intrusion panel user. When you try to push the new user to the panel, the sync fails.
NOTE: The Installer is only displayed in Bosch RPS, and cannot be viewed or modified in Security Center.
Workaround: Make sure no users have the same passcode as the Installer.
772026 Mode 2: If an intrusion detection area is instantly master armed, and then it is perimeter armed without first disarming the area, the alarm is no longer reported by the panel to Security Center, but it appears on the keypad.
772023 Custom event names and descriptions are available in English only.
772021 Arming delay must be configured from Bosch RPS.
771997 Entry delay is ignored if the intrusion detection area is instantly armed.
771835 For B series panels you can only find out which input is responsible for an alarm if it is still in an active state when the input status is polled.
771829 Silencing an intrusion alarm might also acknowledge the alarm, depending on the type of alarm.
723216 When you Force arm an area, the inputs are bypassed, but they are not reported as bypassed.