Resetting the certificate thumbprint of a hub - Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol 5.0.0

Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol Extension Guide 5.0.0

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Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol 5.0.0
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Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol

If the certificate of the hub on the Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol extension is changed, you must reset the certificate thumbprint of a hub on the webpage of your Genetec™ Intrusion Bridge.


  1. From you web browser, navigate to the Genetec™ Intrusion Bridge webpage.
    By default, the webpage is https://localhost:31312.
  2. Click the Configuration tab, select Hubs from the panel on the left side.
  3. Click the edit button associated with the hub.
    Hubs configuration page of Genetec™ Intrusion Bridge web app with the edit button highlighted
  4. In the Certificate thumbprint field of the Edit hub dialog box, clear the existing certificate thumbprint.
    NOTE: If you do not clear this field completely, the bridge will no longer be able to connect to the hub, since the bridge always validates that the certificate sent by the Hub has a matching thumbprint.
  5. Click Save, and then click Apply.