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Like the Maps task in Security Center, the Genetecâ„¢ Mobile Maps page displays the entities in your system on a map.

The following screenshot shows the Maps page with some of the available entities:

1 Open the user menu ().
2 Filter which entities and users are shown on the map ().
3 Search for entities and locations and find them on the map ().
4 Groups of entities. The number displays the number of entities that are regrouped.
NOTE: You can tap this icon to display the list of grouped entities, or zoom in on the area to display individual entity icons.
5 License plate recognition entity.
6 User device location.
7 Door entity.
8 Zoom in on the user device location ().
9 Depending on your screen selection, you see one or more of the following icons:
  • Select on map ().
  • Tracking mode enabled, keeping your position in the center of the page ().
  • Return the map to default view ().
10 Shapes on the map can represent entities such as areas. You can tap a shape to navigate to an underlying area ().
11 Alarm entity.
12 PTZ camera entity.