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Using AutoVu™ Plate Finder in the Genetec™ Mobile app, you can scan license plates and match them against permits and hotlists. You can verify if a vehicle has a valid parking permit for the parking zone. Plate Finder also alerts you if the vehicle is included on a hotlist, for example, a hotlist for VIP or stolen vehicles.

What you should know

  • Plate Finder is only available for systems that use AutoVu™ Managed Services (AMS).


  1. From the Genetec Mobile app, tap ().
  2. Tap Plate Finder ().
    NOTE: If requested, grant permission for the application to access your camera.
  3. Tap Select a permit or zone.
  4. Tap the Permits list or Zones list.
    • If you only want to scan for vehicles that appear on hotlists, you must still select any permit. The system automatically matches the plate against available hotlists.
    • Zones in the Genetec Mobile app represent the permit restrictions that are configured in Security Center.
  5. Select one of the permit or zone options displayed, or search for a permit or zone by name.
    Selecting a zone in Plate Finder.
  6. Align the camera so that the license plate fits inside the yellow box.
  7. Click the camera () to scan the vehicle.


When you scan a plate, Plate Finder can give the following results:
Valid permit
The vehicle has a valid parking permit for the parking zone.
No permit
The vehicle does not have a valid parking permit.
Hotlist hit
The vehicle appears on one of the user's hotlists.

Results of scanned plates using Plate Finder.