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Camera debug logs in Genetecâ„¢ Mobile provide information on a camera's state, video quality, frame rate, bit rate, and status. You can view and share camera debug logs from your device.


  1. View a camera feed:
    • To view a single camera, from the Area view or Maps pages, tap a camera entity, then tap or swipe up from the quick view window.
    • To view multiple cameras, see Viewing multiple cameras.
  2. To view debug logs for a specific time, tap (), tap the date and time, set the date and time you want to view, and tap Go.
  3. Tap ().
  4. Tap Debug info.
    Debug logs for the cameras are displayed and refreshed periodically.
  5. To hide debug logs, repeat steps 3 and 4.

After you finish

To send or save debug logs, when the debug plogs are displayed, tap Copy to clipboard, and paste the log to an email or note-taking app on your device.