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Genetecâ„¢ Web App is a web application that gives users remote access to Security Center so that they can monitor videos, investigate events related to various system entities, search for and investigate alarms, respond to incidents, and generate reports. Users can log on from any computer that has a supported web browser installed.

The Genetec Web App features the following:
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Maps task to monitor entities, interact with their associated video and events, and command functions on a map.
  • Tiles task to view live and playback video, and perform other video management and access control tasks.
  • Reports task to search for and view events.
    • Alarms report to search for alarms generated on your system.
    • Bookmarks report to search for bookmarked video.
    • Camera events report to search for camera-related events generated on your system.
    • Door activity report to search for access control events, such as access denied events and door status.
    • Incidents report to search and review Mission Control-related incidents.
    • Anything report to search all report categories simultaneously.
  • Access control task to create and manage cardholders, visitors, credentials, cardholder groups, and access rules.
  • LPR Monitoring task to monitor ALPR hits from across your system in real time.
  • Watch list to monitor events from specific entities.
  • Threat levels enables you to respond to dangerous situations, such as a fire or a shooting, while you are monitoring your system. You can respond by changing the state of the entire Security Center system or specific areas.