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Each release of Genetec™ Web App includes new features and enhancements.

What's new in Genetec Web App 24.7.0

ALPR hits indicate the color of the associated hotlist
In the LPR monitoring task and reports of ALPR hits displayed in the card view, hit events now indicate the color of the hotlist to which the plate belongs. This feature assists operators in quickly identifying the associated hotlist for a hit.
Clear hits in the LPR monitoring task
To easily manage hit events in the LPR monitoring task, you can now clear individual hits or the entire list.
NOTE: Hit events that are cleared in the LPR monitoring task are still available in reports.
LPR monitoring filters are preserved between sessions
The LPR monitoring task now preserves users’ filter settings after they leave the task or sign out of the Genetec™ Web App. This enables users to avoid reconfiguring their preferred hotlists, priority levels, and ALPR units.
NOTE: LPR monitoring filters aren’t saved across multiple browsers or devices.