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RSS uses specific terms. Here are definitions of some common terms.

Term Definition
Follow Subscribing to an RSS feed by using an RSS reader.
GeoRSS A standard way to add a geolocation coordinates to an RSS feed message so that RSS readers can place RSS documents on maps. This lets people see maps of events. See
RSS Stands for Really Simple Syndication. Also known as Rich Site Summary, and RDF Site Summary. RSS messages
RSS 2.0 There are several version of the RSS format. Our GeoRSS plugin conforms to the RSS 2.0 specification defined by the See
RSS channel See RSS feed.
RSS document Also called a feed or RSS item. An RSS document is a single message. The RSS document conforms to a specific RSS format. The document contains text, metadata, publishing date, author's name, and sometimes geolocation coordinates.
RSS feed An RSS feed is a type of web feed. A feed is a stream of posts, articles, comments, or event notifications that is updated when new content is published by the feed provider.

By following RSS feeds in Security Center, operators can see new and updated messages as they are published by the feed provider. Feed content that contains geolocation tags is shown on the Security Desk maps so that operators are aware of where events are happening.

RSS reader A feed reader is an application that lets you subscribe to and read feeds from a feed provider.
Feed aggregator A feed aggregator collects many RSS feeds.
Provider, feed provider The author of a feed is called a feed provider.
Subscribe Adding and following an RSS feed using an RSS reader.