How the GeoRSS plugin works with Security Center - GeoRSS 3.0

GeoRSS Plugin Guide 3.0

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GeoRSS 3.0
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The GeoRSS plugin lets organizations subscribe to RSS 2.0 feeds and view geolocated RSS feeds on Security Center maps.

An RSS feed is a stream of posts, articles, comments, or events that is updated by a feed provider. A feed reader is an application that lets you subscribe to and read feeds from a feed provider. By following RSS feeds in Security Center, operators can see new and updated messages as they are published by the feed provider.

  • Feeds that contain geographical coordinates are displayed on Security Desk maps.
  • Feeds that do not contain geographical coordinates can only be read in the GeoRSS role's Feeds tab.
  • Feeds associated with custom events are logged in the plugin database and can be viewed by generating the GeoRSS events report.


The components of a GeoRSS integration in Security Center include:

RSS feeds
RSS 2.0 feeds that are encoded using GeoRSS-Simple format. For more information see
Security Center
The Security Center system deployed as usual.
GeoRSS plugin and role
GeoRSS plugin is a software installed on a Security Center server and all client workstations. It provides the GeoRSS events report and the GeoRSS role.
The GeoRSS role:
  • Is created on a single Security Center server.
  • Serves as an RSS 2.0 feed reader and aggregator.
  • Shows geolocated RSS messages on Security Desk maps.