What is the GeoRSS plugin? - GeoRSS 3.0

GeoRSS Plugin Guide 3.0

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GeoRSS 3.0
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The GeoRSS plugin turns Security Center into an RSS feed reader.

When the GeoRSS plugin is installed, you can do the following:
  • Subscribe to any RSS 2.0 web feed that uses the GeoRSS-Simple format.
  • Filter incoming feeds by region and by content.
  • Configure Security Center to trigger a custom event in response to specific feed content.
  • View geolocated feeds on Security Desk maps.
  • Create event-to-actions in Security Center in response to custom events that are triggered by an RSS feed.
  • Generate a report of GeoRSS events.

Other Security Center features you can use with the GeoRSS plugin

Use the failover feature to protect the availability of the GeoRSS role. By assigning a secondary server to host the the GeoRSS plugin role, RSS feed and filters remain available if the primary server fails.

NOTE: The Federation™ feature is not supported for GeoRSS feeds.