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HID pivCLASS User Guide for Security Center 5.9

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Security Center 5.9 | Synergis™ Softwire
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To register PIV-compatible cards, install pivCLASS Workstation on your local computer, and pivCLASS PACS Service on either your local computer or a remote server.

What you should know

PivCLASS must be licensed by HID. Use the HID-generated system ID to request a license by contacting HID Support.


  1. Download and install pivCLASS PACS Service.
  2. Download and install pivCLASS Workstation.
  3. Ensure that the SDK part GSC-1SDK-HID-PIVClass is licensed in Security Center.
  4. Connect an HID OMNIKEY 3121 or 5422 card reader and install the driver.
    NOTE: The 5422 card reader supports both contact and contactless technology. If you use this card reader, you must only use the driver for contact technology.
  5. (Optional) Connect a compatible fingerprint scanner and install the driver.
  6. In pivCLASS PACS Service, under Reader Services, register the Mercury controller as a pivCLASS Embedded Authentication Panel.
  7. In the window that opens, enter the panel's MAC address and IP address.
  8. Log on to the portal of the Mercury controller and navigate to the pivCLASS Embedded Authentication page.
  9. If the page is missing, reinstall the pivCLASS embedded auth package, by doing the following:
    1. Log back on to your unit using the following URL:
      https://<Synergis™ Cloud Link IP address>/MercuryEP/FirmwareVersions
    2. On the FirmwareVersions page, click Install PivClass embedded auth package <version>, where <version> is the latest firmware version.
      Installing and enabling the plugin can take a few minutes.
    3. Perform a software restart on the Synergis™ unit.
  10. On the pivCLASS Embedded Authentication page, enter the IP address of the computer where pivCLASS Service is installed and click Test Connection.
    If the test is successful, click Yes under Do you want to trust this certificate?
  11. Configure the template.xml file to set partitions or cardholder groups as needed.
  12. Create and configure the Web-based SDK role in Security Center.
  13. Open pivCLASS Workstation, and synchronize data with pivCLASS Service.
  14. Insert a PIV card into the OMNIKEY card reader and enter your PIN.
  15. (Optional) scan the cardholder's fingerprint with the fingerprint scanner.
    The pivCLASS Workstation authenticates the certificate on the card.
  16. Register the cardholder.
    For more information, see the HID PACS Service user manual.