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Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel Extension Guide 3.1

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Honeywell Galaxy intrusion panel 3.1
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Honeywell Galaxy intrusion panel
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Security Center supports the following Honeywell Galaxy intrusion panel devices. For each device, the corresponding certification level is listed.

  • Certified: The device has been tested and validated by Genetec Inc.
  • Supported by design: The device shares the same design characteristics as a certified device but has not been validated or tested by Genetec Inc.
Model Device type Certification
Galaxy Dimension GD-48, GD-96, GD-264 Intrusion panel Supported by design
Galaxy Dimension GD-520 Intrusion panel Certified
Galaxy Flex FX020, FX050 Intrusion panel Supported by design
Galaxy Flex FX0100 Intrusion panel Certified

Honeywell's technical user manuals for its Galaxy panels are available at the following link.

IMPORTANT: Content in this guide that references information found on third-party websites was accurate at the time of publication, however, this information is subject to change without prior notice from Genetec Inc.