Configuring anti-masking on Honeywell Galaxy Dimension intrusion panels - Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel 3.2.0

Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel Extension Guide 3.2.0

Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel
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To trigger events when inputs are masked or restored, you must first configure the alarms, recipients, and inputs in Config Tool.

What you should know

Anti-masking uses custom events for monitoring and reports. For more information, see Custom events added by the Honeywell Galaxy intrusion panel extension.


  1. From the Config Tool homepage, open the Intrusion detection task.
  2. In the entity browser, select the intrusion panel you want to configure anti-masking on, and click the Inputs tab.
  3. From the input list, select the input you want to configure.
  4. In the Alarms section, click the search button () and select Input - Mask.

    The Intrusion detection Inputs pane for the Honeywell extension with the inputs window open and the Input - mask alarm highlighted.
  5. Click OK.
  6. In the Entities on event section, configure the recipients and cameras for triggered masking events.
  7. Click Apply.