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You can use Honeywell Galaxy intrusion panel extension 3.2.0 to synchronize intrusion panels with Security Center. When you first synchronize an intrusion panel with Security Center, users from the panel are mapped to cardholders in Security Center. Later synchronizations push changes from Config Tool to the intrusion panel.

User mappings

To synchronize an intrusion panel with Security Center, you must first pull all users from the panel. You can then configure and manage intrusion panel users from the Users page in Config Tool, and push changes to the intrusion panel.
NOTE: On the panel, users have six-letter usernames.
Synchronization progress is displayed next to the synchronization buttons.

The synchronization progress bar.
Synchronized users have the following message displayed in the Push status column: Last push succeeded. User currently has no modifications to push.

A Push status success message in a cardholder row of the Honeywell input panel Users screen in Config Tool.

The number of user slots displayed in the user mappings table corresponds to the number of users the selected intrusion panel supports. After synchronization, you can fill any empty user slots by creating and configuring cardholders to add as users to the panel.

The following example shows three users in the first three user slots. Two of the users have been pulled from the panel and mapped to a cardholder group. A third cardholder was created and configured in Config Tool. User slot 4 is empty.

Push frequency options

You can determine how often to push configuration changes to the intrusion panel by choosing a frequency in the Configuration section:

The sync strategies controls.
This option is selected by default. Changes made to the User mappings table are synchronized after you click Push cardholders.
Changes you make to the User mappings table are pushed to the panel immediately.
NOTE: Use Scheduled or Manual push on systems where updates are frequent.
Changes made to the User mappings table are synchronized daily, at the specified time. Synchronization is skipped if there are no changes to be pushed to the panel.
NOTE: You can click the Push cardholders button to push the changes to the panel immediately.

Manual synchronization options

The following buttons are found in the User mappings table.
Pull all users
Click to import existing users from the panel.
Push cardholders
Click to push all pending changes to the intrusion panel right away.
Pushing mapped cardholders overwrites users that are in the same slots on the panel.
Pull system users only
Click to import users who have system privileges on the panel.
NOTE: You can access this option from the overflow menu.