Integration overview for a Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel extension - Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel 3.2.0

Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel Extension Guide 3.2.0

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Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel 3.2.0
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Setting up the Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel extension consists of a series of steps that need to be followed in sequence.

The following table summarizes the configuration process for the Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel integration:

Step Task Where to find more information
Understand prerequisites and key issues before deploying
1 Before installing the extension, read the release notes to learn about new features, and to understand the requirements and known issues.
2 Learn about the different components and how they connect together.
3 Learn what you can do using the extension.
Deploy the extension
4 Install the Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel extension.
5 Grant users access to the Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel extension. .
6 Create and configure the Intrusion Manager role in Security Center to manage the intrusion detection unit.
7 (Optional) Change the default setting for reconnection to the panel and the retention period of panel events.
8 (Optional) Map and synchronize users on the Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel with cardholders in Security Center.
9 Enable panic buttons on user fobs.
Prepare the Honeywell panel
10 Prepare for integration with Security Center.
11 Configure the panel for a remote access. Do one of the following:
Add the panels to Security Center
12 Add Honeywell Galaxy intrusion panel entities to Security Center.
13 In Map Designer, add the units and related entities to your maps.
14 Configure the alarms and video that will be received in Security Desk.
15 Create events-to-action for Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel events received in Security Center to trigger actions.

Assign cameras to the intrusion detection areas, so that area events and alarms include video.

16 (Optional) Monitor your intrusion detection areas using a map in Security Desk.
17 (Optional) Generate reports based on Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel events.
Set up your operator workstations
18 Install the plugin on all operators' Security Center workstations.
19 In the Monitoring task of Security Desk, add the Honeywell Galaxy intrusion detection panels to the Event monitoring list and enable alarm monitoring.
20 Confirm that your workstation works as expected. If it does, you have successfully completed the integration. Do steps 16 and 17.