What is the Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel extension? - Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel 3.2.0

Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel Extension Guide 3.2.0

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Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel 3.2.0
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Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel
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The Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel extension replaces the legacy Honeywell Galaxy Dimension control panel add-on (Security Center versions 5.2 to 5.7). The new extension provides better performance and additional features.

Through this integration, you can do the following:
  • Integrate Honeywell Galaxy Dimension and Flex intrusion panels in Security Center.
  • Receive events from the panels.
  • Send commands to a panel from Security Center.
  • Configure the areas, zones, outputs, and modules of a Honeywell Galaxy Intrusion Panel in Security Center.
  • Place panel entities on maps using the Map Designer task in Config Tool.
  • View alarms, events, and the state of panels in real-time from the Maps task of Security Desk.
  • Send commands from the Maps task of Security Desk.
  • Map and synchronize Honeywell users with Security Center cardholders.
  • Enable panic buttons on user fobs.

It is recommended that you only use intrusion panels for intrusion monitoring. Intrusion panels are not designed to capture rapid consecutive changes to their input states, such as doors being opened and closed rapidly, or motion sensors that detect constant movements.