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How do I find my system ID?

You can find your Security Center system ID on the About page in Security Desk and Config Tool, or on the System Management page on GTAP.

You need your system ID to purchase add-ons for your system such as cameras or user connections. If you cannot access Security Center or GTAP, contact your system administrator or system integrator.

Finding your system ID in Security Center

From Security Desk or Config Tool, open the About page.

Finding your system ID on GTAP

From the System Management page on GTAP, use the available search filters, such as System Name or Company Name.
NOTE: Security Center SaaS edition deployments have both a system ID and a subscription ID. In a hybrid system, the subscription ID is composed of two IDs: one for the on-premise portion and one for the cloud-based portion. Only the on-premise system ID is listed on GTAP, but this ID is enough to identify your system if you want to add connections to your SaaS deployment.