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How do I switch from CD to LTS track?

Answer: To switch from the Continuous Delivery (CD) track to the Long-Term Support (LTS) track, you must first change the release track of your license on your System Information page on GTAP, then download the LTS installation package and use it to upgrade your system.

Before you can change the release track of your system, you must first upgrade your license to a major version that offers the release track of your choice. The option to change your release track is available only after your license is upgraded, but before it is activated.

You also have the option to ask Customer Service to upgrade your license directly to a major version on the LTS track. This saves you the trouble of changing the release track on GTAP after the license is upgraded.

Switching release tracks

You can switch your release track from Continuous Delivery (CD) to Long-Term Support (LTS), or vice versa, if you see the Change release track button on your System Information page on GTAP.

Before you begin

The Change release track button is only visible when the following conditions are met:
  • You have Genetec™ Advantage.
  • Both CD and LTS tracks are available for the software version covered by your license.

    The LTS track was introduced with Security Center 5.9.

  • If you are currently on the CD track, your license must have never been activated.
    IMPORTANT: You can always switch from LTS to CD, but you cannot switch from CD to LTS if your license has been activated. Resetting your license after activating it does not count as a license that has never been activated. This is because, for a given version number, the CD track version is always more recent than the LTS track version. You can only upgrade your software to a more recent version.

What you should know

The track your are currently on is indicated in the Release Track field. If you do not see this field, it means that the version you are at does not support the LTS track.


  1. From your System Information page, click Change release track > OK.
  2. Click Product Download.
  3. From the Product Download page, download the software installation package corresponding to the selected release track.
  4. Unpack and run the installer on your main server to install or upgrade your system.
    IMPORTANT: If you are on the CD track, you are committed to that track after you install the downloaded package. The only time you can switch back to the LTS track is when the next becomes available.
    For installation instructions, see Installing Security Center.
  5. Activate your license.
    If you are on the CD track, the Change release track button in your System Information page disappears and your license status changes to Activated.

What is the Long-Term Support (LTS) track?

Answer: The Long-Term Support (LTS) release track offers customers an upgrade path that minimizes changes to software and extends access to critical bug and security fixes. The LTS track includes major and patch versions. It does not include minor versions. Choosing the LTS track limits your access to new capabilities, but reduces the scope of bug fixes packaged with each release.

What is the Continuous Delivery (CD) track?

Answer: The Continuous Delivery (CD) release track offers customers an upgrade path with ongoing innovations, introducing new features, bug fixes, performance enhancements, and support for the latest devices through minor versions. The frequency of changes introduced on the CD track may be impractical for some organizations, who opt for the long-term predictability of the LTS track.

When ordering a new system license, the CD track is the default if no release track is specified.

Which release track should I use?

Answer: The choice of a track depends on your organization’s operations and system maturity.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help select the right track:
Is my system stable?
If you are planning to expand your system, either by adding new devices, users or add-on modules, or if you are planning on modernizing your server infrastructure, the CD track ensures that you have access to the latest devices and performance enhancements.
Do I want access to new functionalities?
New features are only introduced on the LTS track at the next major version, while they are available as soon as they are ready on the CD track.
Will I upgrade my system in the next three years?
The CD track is supported for three years following the latest major version’s launch, at which point it reaches End of Life. The LTS track receives cybersecurity support for an additonal 2 years, making it an attractive choice for organizations with long upgrade cycles.

For more information, see our Product Lifecycle page on GTAP.

How do I find the documentation for the LTS track?

Answer: The documentation for the Long-Term Support (LTS) track is only available as downloadable PDF documents. To find them, search for "Document list for LTS" on TechDoc Hub.

If you are on the LTS track, we recommend that you refer to the documentation written for the LTS version you are using. Not all features and bug fixes found in the Continuous Delivery (CD) version are available in the LTS version.