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To monitor the data points of a BACnet device or entity, you must add them in Security Center.

Before you begin



  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. Select a BACnet device or entity from the entity browser and click the Properties tab.
    • In the Data points section, click Browse device data points (), select a BACnet object from the Identifier list, and click Add.
    • In the Data points section, click Add data point (), enter the following, and then click Add:
      The name of the data point.
      Object Type
      The BACnet object type that is related to the data point. For more information, see Object types used by the BACnet plugin.
      Object identifier
      The number used to identify the BACnet object.
      Access level
      Indicates whether the selected object type is read-only or read-write. This is automatically displayed by the plugin.
      The unit of measure of the data point. This field is optional.
      A symbol to represent the unit of measure of the data point. This field is optional.
    NOTE: The warning message Device unreachable persists after the BACnet device is reached in the data point browser, even after the browser is refreshed. To clear the message, close and re-open the data point browser.
  3. Click Apply.


The data point is displayed in the Data Points section.

After you finish

Add actions to the device.