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To have a device or entity perform an action at a regular interval, you must create a rule in Security Center.

Before you begin

  • Enroll your devices and entities.
  • Add data points to your devices and entities.

What you should know

Creating a rule based on a regular interval is not supported by SNMP devices or entities.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. From the entity browser, select the plugin role for which you want to create a rule, and click the Rules tab.
  3. Click Add rule ().
  4. In the Information section, enter the following:
    Type a name for the rule.
    Type a description for the rule.
  5. In the Conditions section, select On schedule from the Condition list.
  6. Enter a time interval for how often you want the rule to occur.
  7. In the Actions section, select the action that you want to occur when the condition is met.
    The action can be one of the following:
    Raise an event
    If you select Raise an event, you must select the event to be raised from the Select an event list.
    Trigger an alarm
    If you select Trigger an alarm, use the lists to select the alarm that you want to trigger from the Select an alarm list.
    Write on datapoint
    If you select Write on datapoint, use the lists to select a source type, source, and property.
    Change state
    If you select Change state, use the lists to select the alarm that you want to trigger from the Select a state list.
  8. (Optional) To add more actions to the rule, click Add action ().
  9. Click Apply.


The rule is created with the slider in the ON position. To disable the rule, move the slider to OFF.


If you have a temperature controller device in a room and want to keep the room at a certain temperature, you can create a rule that would write the desired temperature to the device every 30 minutes.