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To quickly assign custom states, data points, and actions when adding multiple devices of the same type to Security Center, you can create templates for each device type. Templates can be created manually or from an existing device.

Before you begin

Make sure you have the data points that you want to monitor for the template your are creating.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. Select the plugin role related to the device that you are creating templates for, and click the Device types tab.
  3. In the Device types section, click Add device type ().
  4. Enter a name for the device type and click Add.
  5. In the Information section, select an icon for the device type.
  6. In the Custom states section, select icons to indicate a state change on the device type.
  7. For BACnet, Modbus, OPC UA, SNMP, HTTP, TCP, and MQTT devices, in the Data points section, add the data points of the device that you want to monitor.
  8. For BACnet, Modbus, and OPC UA devices, in the Actions section, add the actions that you want to write to a device.
  9. For SNMP entities, in the Notifications section, add SNMP traps to the device.
  10. For TCP entities, add events that you want triggered when a condition is met.
  11. Click Apply.


The template can be added as a device type when adding a device to Security Center.

After you finish

  • (Optional) Click the Export button to save the template as a .JSON file on your workstation.
  • Add the devices that the template applies to.