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The Industrial IoT plugin includes the following known issues.

Issue First reported in Description
10684 Industrial IoT The data point tree view in the OPC device server shows a Read attributes failed error message when adding a data point, as the system automatically populates the Node ID URL with white spaces displayed with %sign within the characters.
Workaround: Add another active data point and edit the Node ID manually to replace % characters from the URL with %25 characters.
9997 Industrial IoT When an alarm is triggered on an entity that has attached cameras, the stream of cameras displayed does not follow the Video display option configuration in the Properties tab of the alarm.
9647 Industrial IoT Device types created in plugin version cannot be imported.
9633 Industrial IoT When using Security Center 5.10 and later, devices appear on the Custom entity layer instead of the protocol specific layer in Security Desk > Maps task.
Workaround: Use the custom entity layer if you need to reorder devices in the map.
9630 Industrial IoT Following an update, the Host field for RabbitMQ configuration in Config Tool > Plugins > <Plugin name> > Properties for a plugin does not take any other value than localhost.
NOTE: This issue has been observed for SNMP Manager and Modbus plugin.
9353 Industrial IoT When exporting the Industrial IoT unit input report to the New dashboard, it fetches an empty report and displays No data available message.
7433 Industrial IoT The Time Series widget is not available in Security Desk > Dashboard configuration pane when there are multiple Windows sessions open at the same time.
Workaround: When configuring the Time Series widget, be sure to logout other users that have active sessions.
7422 Industrial IoT 4.4.0 The OPC Client plugin is unable to add OPC nodes that only provide static values.
7421 Industrial IoT 4.3.4 If the rule engine is generating a sustained high volume of actions, it can have an adverse affect on the system. This is because as all rule actions are written to the plugin database, so writing a large volume of events will require a significant amount of CPU and disk space.
Workaround: Limit the amount of actions triggered in the plugin rule engine.
7415 Industrial IoT 4.3.3 Information entered in the user interface is lost when you navigate from the plugin role to a different role in Security Center to another before applying the changes
7414 Industrial IoT 4.3.3 In Security Center or later,changing the icon in the Identity page of a device or entity can override the icon that is displayed in the entity browser.
Workaround: Change the icon in the Properties page of the device or entity.
7412 Industrial IoT 4.3.0 If you change the icons of devices or entities on a federated system, the icon is displayed as a blue cube in the Federation™ host.
7411 Modbus 4.0 Action to write to Modbus devices from Security Center events will not be triggered when the events are raised by Modbus plugin rules. 
7410 SNMP Manager 4.1 You can only define the data points contained in a static SNMP table by specifying their index in the table. Changes to the table size by the SNMP agent at runtime could results in an invalid data point.