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The Industrial IoT plugin includes the following known limitations.

Issue First reported in Description
2602061 Industrial IoT 4.3.3 If the plugin is installed on Security Center, for each device you create, you will receive unhandled exceptions in the Server Admin console.
Workaround: Update to Security Center or
2283648 OPC Client 4.2, Modbus 4.2, BACnet 4.2, SNMP Manager 4.2 Custom events from federated systems are displayed incorrectly in reports generated by the local Security Center system.
Workaround: Make sure the custom events from the federated system are using the same ID as custom events in the local system.
1867639 OPC Client 3.1 When the OPC Client plugin is connected to an OPC UA server behind a DA Gateway, the OPC UA server is displayed as Connected in the plugin, even if the OPC UA server is offline.
1763634 Modbus 3.0 GA The Modbus plugin only works when RabbitMQ is installed by Genetec Inc. software.
Workaround: If the computer hosts a version of RabbitMQ installed by a third-party application, either uninstall RabbitMQ and then install the Modbus plugin, or install the Modbus plugin on a different machine.