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Industrial IoT

You can configure Federation™ host so that operators can monitor live events and generate reports for Industrial IoT entities.

Before you begin

  • Understand Federation™.
  • Deploy the plugin and integrate the Industrial IoT protocols with Security Center on each remote site.
  • Read the release notes to learn about known issues and limitations that affect the use of Federation™ for this plugin.

What you should know

  • It is not possible to control the Industrial IoT entities from the Federation™ host.


  1. Open Config Tool on the server that host Federation™.
  2. Add the Industrial IoT base license.
  3. Install the Industrial IoT plugin.
  4. Creating the Industrial IoT plugin role.
    Leave the role disconnected. Creating the plugin role adds the Industrial IoT entities to the host.
  5. Set up a Security Center Federation™.
    • Create a Federation™ role for each remote site that hosts theIndustrial IoT plugin role.
  6. Deactivate and then re-activate the Federation™ role.
    The Industrial IoT entities are displayed in the entity browser of the Federation™ host.
  7. Expand the Federation™ host role and confirm that the entities are listed in the entity browser.
  8. If the entities are missing, restart the Main server for the Federation™ host.
  9. (Optional) Delete the Industrial IoT plugin role that you created in step 4.
  10. In the Monitoring task, add the entities to the event monitoring list.