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Industrial IoT

Security Center supports the following Industrial IoT devices.

For each device, the corresponding firmware and certification level is listed.
The device has been tested and validated by Genetec Inc.
Supported by design
The device shares the same design characteristics as a certified device but has not been validated or tested by Genetec Inc.
Device type Specification version Certification
SNMP Manager The SNMP Manager plugin supports OIDs from devices that uses SNMPv2c or SNMPv3. Supported by design
Modbus The Modbus plugin supports Modbus registers from devices that uses the Modbus TCP. Supported by design
BACnet The BACnet plugin supports BACnet objects from BACnet IP devices. Supported by design
OPC Client The OPC Client plugin supports OPC tags and node IDs from OPC UA servers. Supported by design
TCP Server The Industrial IoT plugin supports the extraction of data points from a raw TCP stream using regular expressions. Supported by design
HTTP Server The Industrial IoT plugin supports devices that can send HTTP requests in JSON format to an HTTP server is supported. Supported by design
MQTT Client The Industrial IoT plugin supports devices that can subscribe or publish data to an MQTT broker in JSON format. Supported by design