Creating BACnet data points - Industrial Protocol Interface 3.0

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Before you can map Security Center events to BACnet data points, you must first create the data points.


  1. In the Read-only data points section, click Add data point ().
    The Read-only data points list
    The Create readable data point window opens.
    The Create readable data point window.
  2. In the Name field, enter a description for the data point.
  3. From the Type list, select one of the following types:
    • Boolean for instances where there are only two possible states.
    • String if you want to enter values based on strings.
  4. Enter an initial value for the data point:
    • If you selected Boolean as the type, select True or False as the initial value.
    • If you selected String as the type, enter a value in the text field.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Click Apply ( ).
    The object is mapped to the data point and is listed in the Protocols list.
    The protocols list.
    NOTE: Each object has a unique, automatically-generated instance number, which is saved in the database.


When you restart the plugin, the data point displays the initial value that you have configured.

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