Innovations for resiliency

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Innovations for resiliency

Considering the recent pandemic and the imminent return to operations, there’s been no shortage of challenges, so our teams have been working on ways to use and re-purpose our existing technology to serve new needs.

Genetec occupancy management package

Help public-facing businesses to comply with occupancy regulations as they reopen their business.

Employee screening with Mission Control

Mission Control provides an efficient solution to leverage data from your access control and video system to speed up screening, guide personnel and deliver real-time data and insights.

Synergis™ Periodic Access Solution

Restrict a group of people from accessing a selected area for a given duration.

Virtual patient interaction through Sipelia

Speak with patients, assess their condition and determine whether further intervention was required, all without having to enter their room using Sipelia intercom communications.

Genetec Clearance extended trial program

Agencies are adopting new strategies to ensure the well being of officers, first responders, and the public. To help them work together more effectively when remote, we’re offering Genetec Clearance™ at no cost until December 31st, 2020.

Synergis™ Proximity Report Technote

Investigate who might have been near a specific individual within a certain time range.

FAQ about thermal cameras

Have questions about whether thermal cameras can be used as fever detection systems? Check out this FAQ.