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You need to create a docker engine to host the driver containers.

Before you begin

Ensure you have access to the Docker certificate created by the IS Gateway Installer and the password used to create it. The certificate is found in the folder C:/ProgramData/Docker/config/Certificates/ on the machine where IS Gateway is installed. If the machine you are now using does not have access to that folder, copy the key.pfx file where it can be accessed from this machine.

What you should know

In the context of IS Gateway, a container platform is called a docker engine. The process of creating an instance of docker engine is called adding a docker engine. If your system have a large number of tracking systems, you can add many docker engines to distribute the load.


To add a docker engine:

  1. Log on to the IS Gateway web portal.
  2. On the home page, click the Container () tab.
  3. Click the button besides the Container label, and then click Add docker engine.
  4. In the Add docker engine window that opens, enter the following information:
    IS Gateway web portal - Add docker engine dialog box.
    Label used to identify this docker engine instance in the list of containers on the left.
    IP or Hostname
    Name or IP address of the server hosting this docker engine.
    TLS (HTTPS) communication
    Secure communication switch. This option is turned on by default. Only turn it off if you are using an existing Docker Engine that is not installed by the IS Gateway Installer where TLS is not in use.
    Port for communicating with the Docker API on the server hosting the docker engine (default = 2375 for HTTP, or 2376 for HTTPS).
  5. If TLS ins turned on, enter the Certificate password you provided to the IS Gateway Installer.
  6. Click and then click Choose file.
  7. In the browser window that opens, navigate to the location of the key.pfx file, select it and click Open.
    The browser window closes.
  8. Click Add.
    The new docker engine is added to the list with its status and the number of driver containers running.
    IS Gateway web portal, showing added Docker Engine.

To remove a docker engine:

  1. Click the button besides a docker engine label, and then click Remove docker engine.