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By default, the IS Gateway service uses a container registry hosted on Azure. If your IS Gateway server does not have Internet access, you must set up the registry on a local drive.

Before you begin

Set up the IS Gateway service on a server with Internet access, then add a docker engine.


  1. Install IS Gateway on a server with Internet access.
  2. Set up the IS Gateway service to use the Genetec™ production token.
  3. Add a docker engine.
  4. Add the driver containers you need.
  5. Run Windows PowerShell as an administrator.
    1. In the Windows taskbar, click and enter PowerShell.
    2. In the search result, right-click Windows PowerShell and click Run as administrator.
  6. In the Windows PowerShell window, enter the following command:
    docker images
    The available driver containers are listed.
    PowerShell window showing the results of "docker images" command.
  7. Copy the name of the container image you need.
    For example,
  8. Move to a folder where you want to generate an archive of this container image.
    Use the following command:
    cd <MyArchiveFolder>
    where <MyArchiveFolder> is the path to your folder.
  9. Generate an archive of the container image with the following command:
    docker save -output <ArchiveName>.tar <ImageName>:<Image TAG>
    Following our previous example, the command would be:
    docker save -output hgh-v1.01.tar
  10. Copy the archived container image you generated to the server that has no Internet access.
  11. On that server, run Windows PowerShell as administrator.
  12. Move to the folder where you copied the archived container image.
  13. Load the container image with the following command:
    docker load –input <ArchiveName>.tar
  14. Ensure that the image has been correctly loaded with the following command:
    docker images
    This container image can now be used by the IS Gateway service using the local registry option.
  15. Repeat the same process with all the driver container images you need.