[KBA-00969] Troubleshooting event-to-actions not triggering - Security Center 5.7 - 5.12

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Security Center 5.7 - 5.12
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[KBA-00969] Troubleshooting event-to-actions not triggering

If an event-to-action does not work in Security Center you can troubleshoot the issue. The event might not be triggering properly or the recipients for the actions might be incorrect.

To help you troubleshoot an event-to-action, verify the following information:
  1. Confirm that the events associated to the actions are being triggered properly.
    1. Open Security Desk and click Options > Events.
    2. Select the events you want to monitor and click Save.
    3. Open a Monitoring task and start monitoring the entity that triggers the events you selected.
    4. Trigger the event manually and confirm that is displayed in the report pane.
      • If the events are triggered, go to step 2.
      • If the events are not triggered, go to step 4.
  2. Confirm that the recipients of the action are correct.
    1. From the homepage of Config Tool, open the System task.
    2. Click the General settings view and find the problematic event-to-action.
    3. Make sure that the recipient associated to the event-to-action is correct.
  3. Confirm that users have the necessary privileges to trigger the actions.
    1. In Config Tool, open the User management task.
    2. Select the user and click the Privileges tab.
    3. Make sure that the action used for the event-to-action is set to Allow.
  4. Confirm that the entities associated to the events are online and functional.
  5. Contact the Genetec™ Technical Assistance Center (GTAC).