Adding kiosks to floor markings - KONE Destination Dispatch 3.0

KONE Destination Dispatch Plugin Guide 3.0.0

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KONE Destination Dispatch 3.0
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KONE Destination Dispatch

When creating your building in Security Center, you must add kiosks to floor landings.


  1. From the home page in Config Tool, open the Area view task.
  2. Click Add an entity () and select Elevator kiosk.
  3. From the entity browser, select the kiosk and click the Properties tab.
  4. Click on the Elevator group field, select the elevator group that the kiosk belongs to, and click OK.
  5. For the Default disconnected access option, choose the security for the kiosk should the plugin be disconnected from the KONE group controller. The options are:
  6. For the Type option, select On floor.
  7. In the Unit ID field, select an identifier that is unique for the kiosk within the elevator group.
  8. Click on the Floor field, select the floor marking that the kiosk belongs to, and click OK.
  9. Click Apply.
    In the entity browser, the kiosk is nested under the floor marking that it was assigned to.