Connecting the plugin to KONE group controllers - KONE Destination Dispatch 3.0

KONE Destination Dispatch Plugin Guide 3.0.0

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KONE Destination Dispatch 3.0
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KONE Destination Dispatch

To monitor KONE Destination Dispatch elevator groups, you must connect the plugin to KONE group controllers.

Before you begin


  1. From the home page in Config Tool, open the Plugins task.
  2. From the entity browser, select an elevator group, and click the Configuration tab.
    Elevator groups are nested under the plugin role.
  3. In the Kone group controllers, enter the following:
    Elevator group ID
    A unique ID number that you assign to the elevator group.
    Selection timeout
    The number of seconds that a cardholder has to select a floor after the swipe their card. If they go beyond the selection time, they must swipe again.
    Default disconnected access
    Select whether all sources and destinations should be secured or unsecured if the elevator group gets disconnected from Security Center.
  4. To connect the plugin to the group controller, click and enter the following:
    IP address
    The IP address of the KONE group controller that you want to connect to.
    The port used by the KONE group controller that you want to connect to.
  5. (Optional) If your KONE elevator group makes use of multiple group controllers, repeat steps three and four as required.
  6. Click Apply.