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KONE Destination Dispatch

access control unit

An access control unit entity represents an intelligent access control device, such as a Synergis™ appliance or an HID network controller, that communicates directly with the Access Manager over an IP network. An access control unit operates autonomously when it is disconnected from the Access Manager.
Also known as: door controller

access rule

An access rule entity defines a list of cardholders to whom access is either granted or denied based on a schedule. Access rules can be applied to secured areas and doors for entries and exits, or to intrusion detection areas for arming and disarming.


In Security Center, an area entity represents a concept or a physical location (room, floor, building, site, and so on) used for grouping other entities in the system.

Area activities

The Area activities task is an investigation task that reports on access control events pertaining to selected areas.


A cardholder entity represents a person who can enter and exit secured areas by virtue of their credentials (typically access cards) and whose activities can be tracked.

Cardholder activities

The Cardholder activities task is an investigation task that reports on cardholder activities, such as access denied, first person in, last person out, antipassback violation, and so on.

cardholder group

A cardholder group is an entity that defines the common access rights of a group of cardholders.


A door entity represents a physical barrier. Often, this is an actual door but it could also be a gate, a turnstile, or any other controllable barrier. Each door has two sides, named In and Out by default. Each side is an access point (entrance or exit) to a secured area.


An elevator is an entity that provides access control properties to elevators. For an elevator, each floor is considered an access point.

Elevator dispatch activities

The Elevator dispatch activities task is an investigation task that reports on elevator-related activities. This includes the credential that was swiped by a cardholder at a kiosk, the elevator group that was used, the source and destination floor, and the timestamps of when the cardholder swiped their card and selected their destination floor.

floor marking

A floor marking represents the floor serviced by an elevator or elevator group. It is the physical representation of the button located on an elevator kiosk.

KONE Destination Dispatch

KONE Destination Dispatch is an elevator control plugin. Using this plugin, you can monitor and control elevators and cardholders managed by your KONE Destination Dispatch system from Security Center

KONE Group Controller

A KONE Group Controller is the system that manages the operation of KONE elevators and controls the operating panels related to the elevator group.


A landing represents the physical location where a cardholder enters or exits an elevator.


A reader is a sensor that reads the credential for an access control system. For example, this can be a card reader, or a biometrics scanner.


A schedule is and entity that defines a set of time constraints that can be applied to a multitude of situations in the system. Each time constraint is defined by a date coverage (daily, weekly, ordinal, or specific) and a time coverage (all day, fixed range, daytime, and nighttime).

Security Center

Security Center is a truly unified platform that blends IP video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition, intrusion detection, and communications within one intuitive and modular solution. By taking advantage of a unified approach to security, your organization becomes more efficient, makes better decisions, and responds to situations and threats with greater confidence.


Security Center Synergis™ is the IP access control system (ACS) that heightens your organization’s physical security and increases your readiness to respond to threats. Synergis™ supports an ever-growing portfolio of third-party door control hardware and electronic locks. Using Synergis™, you can leverage your existing investment in network and security equipment.