How the KONE Destination Dispatch plugin works with Security Center - KONE Destination Dispatch 3.0

KONE Destination Dispatch Plugin Guide 3.0.0

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KONE Destination Dispatch 3.0
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KONE Destination Dispatch

The KONE Destination Dispatch plugin integrates the KONE Destination Dispatch elevator system into Security Center by connecting to the group controllers of KONE elevator groups.

Architecture diagram for KONE Destination Dispatch integration

Components of KONE Destination Dispatch integration

KONE Destination Dispatch Plugin
The KONE Destination Dispatch plugin is installed on a Security Center server and runs as a plugin role.

The plugin connects Security Center to KONE group controllers using the IP address and port number of the KONE group controller (KGC).

Elevators are entered and exited at landings. Each landing has a kiosk. If a kiosk associated with the elevator group is secured, cardholders must swipe their card to access their destination floor. If a kiosk is unsecured, it displays a list of unsecured floors for the cardholder to select. If the cardholder wants to access a secured floor that is not displayed by an unsecured kiosk, or use a call type, they must swipe their card at the Synergis™ reader associated to the kiosk. Security Center then validates the access rights of this cardholder, and communicates accessible destination floors to the KONE Destination Dispatch system. The elevator system calls the elevator to the floor the cardholder is on, and then dispatches it to the requested destination.

Security Center Synergis™
Synergis™ is the Security Center IP access control system, and is necessary for the plugin to function. The KONE Destination Dispatch plugin integrates with Synergis™ access control, enabling the use of Security Center access control hardware and cardholder credentials to manage and monitor access to the KONE Destination Dispatch system.
Config Tool
The KONE Destination Dispatch plugin is also installed on a Config Tool workstation. The Security Center administrator uses Config Tool to create and configure the plugin role.
Security Desk
The KONE Destination Dispatch plugin is installed on all Security Desk workstations. Security Desk operators can monitor elevator activities and events, set security levels, and implement security-level or system overrides.