Configuring a camera for KiwiVision™ using XML - KiwiVision™ 3.1

KiwiVision Video Analytics Plugin Guide 3.1

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KiwiVision™ 3.1
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Before you can monitor KiwiVision™ in Security Desk, you must configure your camera for KiwiVision™.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have enough licenses available for the intrusion detectors that you want to add.
  • Ensure that the video units that you want to set up for KiwiVision™ are available in Config Tool and are ready to be configured.

What you should know

You can use an existing KiwiVision XML configuration file to help set up KiwiVision™ for a video unit. The Configure with XML option is only compatible with configuration files that were exported from KiwiVisionConfigurationTool.

Configure with XML does not include the following: Name, Stream Type, Show alert overlay, Show area overlays, Show area name in overlays.


  1. From the Home page in Config Tool, click Tasks and open the Video task.
  2. Select a camera in the left navigation pane.
  3. Click KiwiVision analytics.
  4. Click Add () to add an intrusion detector ().
    1. Configure the intrusion detector general settings.
  5. In the General section, click Configure with XML.
    A dialog box opens where you can paste an existing KiwiVision XML configuration file.
    1. Modify the XML as required.
    2. (Optional) Select Bypass XML validation if required.
      NOTE: XML validation is on by default. If you select Bypass XML validation the user interface might experience problems processing some of the settings or might result in the StreamProcessor process looping or ending abnormally.
    3. Click OK to save your configuration changes.
      NOTE: If you encounter an issue with the XML, an error message is displayed:

      This analytic cannot be configured because the XML configuration is not supported. The XML configuration might contain valid XML, but the configuration user interface is unable to display it.

  6. Click Apply to ensure that all your changes are applied to the intrusion detector.


Your camera is now configured for KiwiVision™.