System requirements for KiwiVision™ plugin 3.1 - KiwiVision™ 3.1

KiwiVision Video Analytics Plugin Guide 3.1

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KiwiVision™ 3.1
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System requirements are the recommended hardware and software components that are required for your product and system to run optimally.


The KiwiVision™ plugin 3.1 must be installed on a server that meets the recommended server specifications as described in the Security Center system requirements.
Best Practice: For optimum performance, ensure that the analyzer runs on a high performance server. For more information, see KiwiVision Video Analytics and Camera Requirements.

Camera requirements

Intrusion detectors for KiwiVision™ can be used with regular or thermal cameras, depending on the requirements of the situation.
  • For objects or people to be detected, their minimum size in the image must be at least 20 x 20 pixels.
  • Video data must contain at least 12 frames per second in VGA resolution.
The optimum distance between a camera and object or person depends on the camera and lens. The reference values listed below can be used as a guideline:
Function Requirement
Minimum object size 20 x 20 pixels
Minimum resolution 640 x 480 pixels
Minimum frame rate 12 fps
Optimum distance (dependent on the camera and lens)
  • VGA: 1 - 35 m, 1 - 60 m with thermal camera
  • HD: 1 - 50 m
Maximum distance (depending on the scene, camera, and lens)
  • VGA: 1 - 65 m, 1 - 120 m with thermal camera
  • HD: 1 - 90 m


IMPORTANT: You must have a KiwiVision™ license that supports the number of intrusion detector instances that you want run consecutively.