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KiwiVision™ Privacy Protector™ automatically logs its current state and all configuration changes, and forwards those messages to the Security Center Directory.

By default, logs do not persist on disk. Live logs are available through Security Center Server Admin, from which they can be saved.

From Server Admin you can set up trace loggers to persist Privacy Protector™ logs in files. These files have component identification and the date in the file name.

Privacy Protector™ only logs changes, and the total number of log entries is expected to be low.

Log message format

Trace log messages have the following format:

<timestamp> - PrivacyProtectorCore#<instanceindex> (<category>): <message>

Some log messages, such as configuration updates, also include a detailed message.

15:49:02.449 - PrivacyProtectorCore#1 (Information): Updating Kiwi Configuration...
*** Detailed message ***
Processing/configWidth => 1184
Processing/configHeight => 720
Processing/BlockBasedScrambler/PrivacyGrid/perspectiveMinBlockSize => 48
Processing/BlockBasedScrambler/PrivacyGrid/regularBlockSize => 48
Processing/Regions/AlwaysScrambled/numberOfRegions => 0
Processing/Regions/AlwaysVisible/numberOfRegions => 0