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In KiwiVision™ Privacy Protector™, a static privacy zone is a user-defined image region that is always pixelated. An exclusion zone is a user-defined image region that is never pixelated.

Each zone is a definable rectangle that is set by its corners. Multiple, independent zones can be set for each scene.

A static privacy zone can be used to pixelate public areas in the surveyed scene, such as a street, sidewalk, an entrance to a public facility, or the private property of third parties, such as gardens, houses, and windows.

Exclusion zones that are never pixelated can be used to recognizably display dynamic parts of a scene that do not need to be anonymized, such as the sky, or a changing billboard.

To ensure employee privacy in the workplace, we strongly recommended using static privacy zones to pixelate workstations. Depending on your configuration, employee behavior can still be recognizable, and persons sitting quietly can be learned as background.