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To ensure that confidential videos are kept secure, you can set up encryption and control access by using smart cards.

Before you begin

What you should know

A typical application of privacy protection requires special authorization to access the original unprotected confidential videos. For optimal security, encryption is usually required.
  • The corresponding Privacy Protector™ server must have the required certificate to decrypt the stream, and the certificate with the private key must be installed.
  • How to export the smart card certificate from the smart card might vary depending on your smart card manufacturer.
This process is for customers who want to set up privacy protection so that they can access the original video using multiple authentication methods. Either to make access to the original video extra secure, or for situations where multiple users require access to the video. One person using credentials, the other using the smart card. For example, Head of security uses credentials, representative of employee union uses their smart card.
IMPORTANT: The Privacy Protector™ video encryption using smart cards feature is supported by design, but Genetec Inc. has not tested or validated all smart card reader solutions available in the marketplace.


  1. Export the smart card public certificate
  2. Encrypt the confidential video stream
  3. Decrypt the confidential video stream
  4. Enable privacy protection


Whenever the video needs to be unprotected, the following conditions must be met:
  • The user must have the Remove privacy protection privilege in Security Desk.
  • The smart card must be in the card reader connected to the workstation.