Configuring general settings for the People counting scenario - KiwiVision™ 4.6.1 | Security Center

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KiwiVision™ 4.6.1 | Security Center
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In the general settings of the scenario, you can configure which analytics overlays are displayed in the Security Desk Monitoring task.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Video task.
  2. From the area view, select a camera that you applied an analytics scenario to.
  3. Click Video analytics > People counting, and then click the scenario you want to configure.
  4. Click the General tab.
  5. In the Overlays in Security Desk section, enable or disable the following overlays:
    Displays a yellow ellipse around detected people.
    Counting line
    Permanently displays the counting line. When a person crosses the line, the line turns orange.
    NOTE: The line turning orange is the only indication on the video that a people counting event was triggered.
  6. Click Apply.