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To decrypt the confidential video stream so that the confidential video can be anonymized by the Privacy Protector™, you must install a Windows public certificate on the Archiver server and a Windows private certificate on the Privacy Protector™ server.

Before you begin

  • Familiarise yourself with privacy protection encryption.
  • Familiarise yourself with your smart card manufacturer's documentation.
  • Ensure that the Windows public certificate is available in the Windows certificate store.

What you should know

In this example we use the Windows certificate that is automatically generated on every Security Center server to simplify certificate deployment.


  1. On the machine hosting the Privacy Protector™ role, install the Windows public certificate on the Archiver server.
    1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Video task.
    2. Do one of the following:
      • To enable encryption on the Archiver, select the Archiver role to configure, and click the Camera default settings tab.
      • To enable encryption on a camera, select the camera to configure, click the Recording tab.
    1. Click Show advanced settings, and select In transit and at rest as the Encryption option.
  2. Install the Windows public certificate on the Archiver server.
    1. In the Certificates section, click and select the Windows public certificate that you require.
    2. Click OK to accept the certificate.
      NOTE: If the Windows public certificate is not listed, it might not be installed in the Windows certificate store.
  3. Click Apply.


The video stream is now decrypted, the Security Desk operator can now do the following:
  • View the anonymized (masked) video stream only when no smart card is present.
  • View the original confidential video stream when the required smart card is inserted.
    NOTE: Depending on the smart card that is inserted, a PIN might also be required.

After you finish

If required, the original video can then be exported as reliable evidence.