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The KiwiVision™ Security video analytics and KiwiVision™ People Counter modules are unified with Security Center through the KiwiVision™ Manager and KiwiVision™ Analyzer roles.

After you create and configure the KiwiVision™ Manager role and the KiwiVision™ Analyzer role, you can apply video analytics to cameras by creating and configuring analytics scenarios in Config Tool. When an intrusion or object is detected, events are generated and stored in the KiwiVision™ Manager database. You can monitor and generate reports on these events using Security Desk.

The following diagram shows a setup where the Directory server hosts the Archiver role, KiwiVision™ Manager role, and the respective databases of each role. Two KiwiVision™ Analyzer roles are hosted on two additional servers, which connect to the server that hosts the KiwiVision™ Manager role; in this example, the Directory server.

Components of the KiwiVision™ video analytics plugin

A KiwiVision™ video analytics plugin setup is comprised of the following components:
KiwiVision™ Manager role
The KiwiVision™ Manager role manages and distributes the video analytics requests to the available KiwiVision™ Analyzer roles, stores the events generated by these Analyzer roles, and handles the report requests sent from Security Desk.
  • You can only have one instance of a KiwiVision™ Manager role per system.
  • Analytics configurations are stored in the Directory database.
  • If the KiwiVision™ Manager role becomes unavailable, the analyzers keep tracking any active analytic assignments and processing continues, but none of the analytics are dispatched until the KiwiVision™ Manager role is restarted.
  • The database can be hosted on remote servers.
    IMPORTANT: If the Manager and the Analyzer roles are not on the same machine, the database server (and SQL server) must be configured to accept remote connections from Analyzer roles on remote servers to ensure that analytics events are saved. For more information, see Configuring the KiwiVision™ Manager role database for distributed KiwiVision™ Analyzer roles.
KiwiVision™ Analyzer role
The KiwiVision™ Analyzer role performs video analytics processing for assigned cameras.
NOTE: One KiwiVision™ Analyzer role must be running on each server where analytics are performed. You can have multiple distributed instances of KiwiVision™ Analyzer roles and you can also configure how many analytics configurations each KiwiVision™ Analyzer role can process.