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Scene illumination and lighting conditions affect the performance of Privacy Protector(TM) and can pixelate unintended parts of the image.

Artificial light

Privacy Protector™ is best suited to indoor scenes illuminated by artificial light. Artificial light is preferred because the level of illumination does not change over time.

For best results, use distributed light sources for consistent illumination, which reduces the number and size of any shadows.

Natural light

The performance of Privacy Protector™ under natural light is comparable to scenes illuminated by artificial light. Different lighting conditions can affect image analysis:

  • Diffuse lighting conditions, such as periods of heavy cloud cover, produce few visible shadows and are ideal for image analysis.
  • Direct lighting conditions, such as a cloudless sky, produce strong shadows that are pixelated.
  • Frequent lighting changes can cause some or all of the image to be pixelated until Privacy Protector™ adapts to the new conditions.

Mixed light

Windows and translucent vents can increase or decrease the level of illumination over time.