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If privacy protection is not working for some cameras in Security Center, you can troubleshoot the issue.

What you should know

  • Because of the intensive CPU requirements of privacy protection, a single Privacy Protector™ server might struggle with only a few high definition streams.
  • Privacy protection is only supported when used with native cameras. Privacy protection cannot be enabled on federated cameras or DVRs. Body-worn cameras are not supported.


  1. Verify that the unit is supported by Security Center, and that it is running the certified firmware.
    For a list of video units supported by Security Center, see our Supported Device List.
  2. Confirm that there are no known issues or limitations related to privacy protection for you camera in the Security Center Release Notes.
  3. Confirm that the privacy protection settings are configured properly for the camera.
  4. To maximize the number of streams a single server can process, do the following:
    • Use an Intel CPU core that supports Quicksync Technology for more efficient encoding.
    • Try to limit the frame rate and resolution of original video streams (camera configuration).
    • Use a high performance workstation.