Required privileges to use the KiwiVision™ Camera Integrity Monitor module - KiwiVision™ 4.6.1 | Security Center

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Specific user privileges are required to configure camera integrity monitoring, and generate reports about events triggered from the KiwiVision™ Camera Integrity Monitor module.

The following table lists the minimum privileges required to use the KiwiVision™ Camera Integrity Monitor module. All child privileges of the listed privileges are also required.

For a list of all available privileges, refer to the Security Center privileges spreadsheet for your version.

Privilege Task
Administrative privileges > Physical entities > View camera properties
Modify camera properties Modifying properties of cameras.
Administrative privileges > System management
View role properties Modifying the properties of roles.
View video modules Viewing the properties of video modules.
Task privileges > Administration
Video Modifying properties of cameras and using the Video task.
Task privileges > Operation
Monitoring Using the Monitoring task.
Task privileges > Investigation > Video
Bookmarks Generating reports related to bookmarks.
Camera events Generating reports related to video.
Action privileges > Cameras
View live video Viewing live video.
View playback Viewing playback video.
Reset Camera Integrity Monitor Resetting the Camera Integrity Monitor module associated with a camera.