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KiwiVision™ 4.6.1 | Security Center
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To ensure that your KiwiVision™ system performs as expected, the following hardware and software components are required.

Due to typically high performance requirements, using virtual machines is not recommended.

Security video analytics and People Counter modules

  • The KiwiVision™ video analytics plugin must be installed on a server and on client workstations that run a 64-bit operating system, and meet the recommended hardware specifications, as described in the Security Center system requirements.
    NOTE: A 32-bit operating system is sufficient for client workstations that only run Security Desk.
  • Every server running a KiwiVision™ Manager, KiwiVision™ Analyzer, or Config Tool with which you want to configure analytics requires an AVX compatible processor.
    NOTE: An AVX compatible processor is not required for workstations that only run Security Desk.

Privacy Protector™ module

NOTE: Do not host Privacy Protector™ on the same server as an Archiver. The Privacy Protector™ role can use significant processing power. When CPU usage on the Archiver server is high, Archiving queue full situations can occur and data can be lost.

For the best performance, use NVIDIA® Quadro® video cards. Alternatively, you can also use an Intel® CPU (Quick Sync chip set) that supports Intel® Quick Sync Video.

Requirement calculators

For all KiwiVision™ modules
Use the KiwiVision™ Hardware Calculator to help you calculate the number of machines required for your KiwiVision™ deployment based on the number of cameras you want to have, and the type of analytics you want to perform.
For KiwiVision™ video analytics
Use the KiwiVision™ Camera Requirements Calculator to help you with the following:
  • Calculate the maximum distance objects can be from the camera and still be detected to determine how many cameras you require to cover the area you want monitored
  • Verify whether your existing camera setup needs to be modified to meet the camera requirements for your KiwiVision™ deployment