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Intrusion detection analytics can be used with optical or thermal cameras. The optimal distance between a camera and object or person depends on the camera and lens.

Refer to the values listed in the following table as guidelines:
Function Requirement
Minimum object size for optical cameras Height or width of an object should be greater than 20 pixels
Minimum object size for thermal cameras
  • For images with minimal disturbances, such as camera noise: 3 x 3 pixels
  • For normal cases: 6 x 6 pixels
Minimum resolution (depends on object size and distance) CIF (352 x 288 pixels)
Minimum frame rate 12 fps
Optimal distance (depends on the camera and lens)
  • VGA: 5 - 35 m, 5 - 60 m (thermal)
  • HD: 5 - 50 m (optical)
Maximum distance (depends on the scene, camera, and lens)
  • VGA: 3 - 65 m, 3 - 120 m (thermal)
  • HD: 3 - 90 m (optical)